Your gums provide a protective barrier around the roots of your teeth, which are a very sensitive part of your mouth. If gums recede due to gum disease, aggressive brushing, or a natural inclination toward thin gum tissue, it can cause significant pain and discomfort and leave your teeth highly sensitive and prone to future cavities.

Why Soft Tissue Grafting?

Many dentists recommend soft tissue grafting when recession has become so severe that the root of your tooth is exposed or almost exposed. While the top of your tooth has a hard layer of enamel that protects against decay and cavities, the roots are more porous and at higher risk of harm when there is no gum tissue protecting them. Receding gums can also impact the appearance of your smile, making you feel self-conscious about your mouth.

The Soft Tissue Grafting Procedure

Soft tissue grafting at the Utah Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center helps to repair receding and lost gum tissue and restore a healthy and beautiful smile. Under local or general anesthesia, the dentist will take a thin piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth or another area and transplant it so it is adjacent to the exposed root. This gingival graft covers the exposed portion of the root and helps provide a healthy, stable band of attached tissue to prevent future problems associated with gum recession.

Protecting Your Mouth

In addition to the soft tissue grafting procedure to restore the health and function of your gums, this procedure can protect against future cavities and help reduce sensitivity to hot and cold, which often come with receding gums. Patients should talk to the dentist to find the proper toothbrush and toothpaste and learn techniques for proper brushing and flossing to avoid future recession.

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Gum Grafting Overview

Before Gum Grafting

Before Procedure

Before Gum Grafting

After gum grafting procedure

After Gum Grafting